7 Reasons of India’s Southampton Test Defeat

England vs India Test Series – 4th Test Match – Scorecard

England: 246 & 271
India: 273 & 184
England won by 60 Runs

Indian Team is shaken by the 60 Runs defeat against England in the 4th day of the 4th Test of the Englnd vs India Test series. Lower or higher each player will have to take responsibility for this defeat. Due to this defeat, the series has also lost by the Indian team. This defeat comes because of a lot of reasons. In between a lot of reasons here I am gonna discuss a few reasons. So let’s see the 7 Reasons of India’s Southampton Test Defeat:

The Openers Were Failed Once Again

To face the new ball in England, the openers have to stay for a couple of hours in the crease. And Indian openers are failed miserably to do this job in more or less every innings. We can’t blame only Murali Vijay for that. Shikhar Dhawan and KL Lokesh are also disappointed us. After this tour of England, India has to find another opening pair. We need openers like Viru-Gauti aka Virendra Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir. India has to suffer a lot of cause for the opening pair until we find a perfect replacement for Viru-Gauti. Until we find the perfect openers according to my opinion we can’t blame the opening pairs.

Poor Performance From The Indian Batsmen

In this series, as a team, Our batting brigade is failed to create any mark for us. Except for Captain Virat Kohli, where is consistency? In the first innings of the match, Cheteshwar Pujara hits a Century. But in the 2nd innings, he failed another time. You have to agree that Vice-Captain Ajinkya Rahane is facing off-form. It is not that Rahane whom we supposed to see on the foreign tours. I think India should give some chances to the new players in their batting line up.

Sam Curran vs Hardik Pandya

Before this series, hardly anyone would have expected so much from Sam Curran. However, England is winning this series because of the all-around performance comes from Sam Curran. Now he becomes the Trump card for the English team. And here’s what our all-rounder Hardik Pandya failed horribly. Scoring runs and taking 5 wickets are in just a single Test match – that is not only we are expecting from the all-rounder. Hardik can contribute in batting as well as bowling. So technically Hardik is also a Trump card from our side. In the 4 tests, Hardik gets 16 innings to show his talent. But among the 16 innings, did Hardik have left some imprint in just only 10 innings?

The Fitness of Ravichandran Ashwin

I dunno why but I feel that the whole time of the match Ravichandran Ashwin was not fully fit. According to me, Choosing unfit players in the team is worse than giving a chance to any off-form players. Where Moeen Ali took advantage from the crease but Ashwin could not bear that. If Ashwin could use the ruffs and footprints just like Moeen did, then the England batting line up can be stopped in between 180 runs in the 2nd innings.

2 Most Important English Partnerships

In the first innings of the Southampton Test, Moeen Ali and Sam Curran’s Partnership added most valuable 81 runs for their team. In the second innings, even after the initial shock, the pair of Jos Butler and Sam Curran made 55 runs. Even after England’s bad condition, these two partnerships made the difference between England and India’s runs. When the England batting line up is collapsing if that time our bowlers can break these two partnerships so the story might become different. I am saying those words cause I know that our bowlers have that potential to break any partnerships. But our bowlers couldn’t break those partnerships.

Pacers Were Failed to Do Their Basic Job

In this series, our pacers really won our hearts. But if you look carefully then Pacers has not done their responsibilities in a complete way. In both innings of the Southampton test, pacers take the responsibility to take care of England’s lower middle order. The work which Zaheer Khan used to do for the Indian Team. After Zaheer’s retirement, nobody can take his place. In that situation, we thought, the opponent already is in the backfoot. We just need to resist them to fight back. But unfortunately, our pacers are failed to resist them. Otherwise, the result might become different.

Failed to Win The Test Sessions

A Test match is basically divided into 5 days. Each day has 3 sessions, and if you add the drinks breaks then every session can be divided into 2 sub-sessions. So in total, every Test match is consists of 15 sessions. In these 15 sessions, the team who wins most of the sessions, at the end of the day that team wins the match. To win a test match you to win those little little sessions. The main point is except for the 3rd test, India could not win those little little sessions just as the opposing team did. so at the end of the day, we lose the test by 60 runs.


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