Not Rohit, Some Reasons Why Virat Should Do The Captaincy for India in The Upcoming World Cup


Thanks to Rohit Sharma’s leadership Team India recently won the Asia Cup. Leading the team from the front, Rohit Sharma has been also very successful in batting. After the super success of Rohit Sharma as a captain, speculation is being raised about how the responsibility of captaincy of the upcoming World Cup has put on the shoulders of Rohit. But, no! Instead of Rohit, Virat Kohli is the first choice of the selectors. Virat Kohil is the better captain than Rohit Sharma. Do you want to know why?

#1. Captaincy in the Indian Premier League


In the IPL, Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians to be the Champions not one but three times. Where Virat Kohli’s personal record is far better than Rohit, but as a captain, he is still way behind of him. Royal Challengers Banglore led by Virat Kohli still never win any title in the IPL.

But, we shouldn’t judge them through the performance of IPL. International Cricket is way more different than the Indian Premier League. So in result, the IPL cannot be the benchmark in any way.

#2. Experience of Captaincy in the International Cricket

Rohit’s leadership in Asia Cup captures everyone’s eyes. But, when we talk about the experience, Rohit is way back from Virat. Virat has the experience to led the team in the foreign countries like England and South Africa.

In World Cups, This experience will make ahead Kohli from Rohit. Asia Cup is played with just 6 teams. Where World Cup won’t gonna be so easy tournament from any side.

#3. The Attitude of Captaincy on the Field


From leading the team to body language, from all aspects, Virat Kohli has repeatedly caught the eyes of everyone. Virat’s aggressive attitude helps his players to increase their moral and willpower.

Although leading the team from the front, Rohit doesn’t have that aggressive attitude like Virat. In the World Cup, Kohli’s that aggressive attitude is considered to give adrenaline to motivate the team’s spirit.

#4. The Experience of Captaincy in England


In 2017, Virat Kohli led the team in the ICC Champions Trophy in England. However, India lost the final against Pakistan, but he with his leadership was appreciated by everyone through the whole tournament. The World Cup is also gonna be held in England. So the old experience of leading the team in England will be a great advantage for the current Indian Captain.

#5. Knowing the Pulse of the Team

Virat Kohli is doing captaincy for the Indian team in the limited overs cricket for almost 2 years now. So the team’s strength and weakness are well known by the skipper. After Mahendra Singh Dhoni, if anybody knows the whole team in his palm, he is definitely Virat Kohli.

Knowing the strength and weakness of the team, it becomes very convenient to manage the team in the overseas grounds. If Virat manages to clear the idea about the opposition team, Kohli will be able to lead the team according to power.


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